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Issue 1477

  • Issue 1477

Couldn’t escape if I wanted to⁠
Husbands Mark Gatiss and Ian Hallard tell Bronte Schiltz what it’s like to live and work together, and why Hallard in particular is such a huge fan of ABBA.⁠

The seaside town they refused to close down⁠
Is the coastal town of Morecambe also on the edge of transformation? Susan Griffin assesses what the latest round of funding means for Eden Project Morecambe.⁠

Word search and rescue⁠
Livi Michael has brought any number of fascinating stories to light, including the Pendle Witches, but when it came to writing about class it was hard to find a voice. She explains how the protagonist of her new novel embodies this struggle.⁠

News, arts and entertainment, Sally Phillips’ letter to her younger self, columnist Roger Ratcliffe on the decline of the department store – and much more.⁠