Issue 1456

  • Issue 1456

Waters run deep
Two and a half centuries ago American polymath Benjamin Franklin was trying to calm a fraught diplomatic situation with the UK – while also trying to calm the waters of the Lake District. Lancaster University historian Christopher Donaldson explains a special relationship in scientific experimentation and discovery.

Sea change in farming
With climate change threatening global harvests, Sarah Freeman meets two Yorkshire scientists who might just have discovered the solution to world hunger in the middle of the sea.

Mic lift
A poet on Manchester’s spoken word scene, Isabelle Byrne tells Saskia Murphy how performance and community have helped her heal from mental ill health, and about her experience with the controversial electroconvulsive therapy.

News, arts and entertainment, economist James Meadway on the dangers of returning to austerity 2.0, columnist Saskia Murphy on the absurdity of moving next door to a live music venue and complaining about the noise – and much more.