Issue 1470

  • Issue 1470

What’s good for the gander
The spotlight is on Will Young when he appears in Manchester in a new one-man play. But as Christian Lisseman finds, the Pop Idol winner, actor, singer-songwriter and author prefers playing solo.

Consciousness raising, if you like
The Fall’s famous song about a northern renaissance is now the title of an ambitious cultural history by Alex Niven. Chris Moss talks to the author and academic about Sting, Corbyn, 1066 and devolution.

Out of the divide
Two households, both alike in dignity in Leeds, is where Linda Green lay her scene for her new novel. She tells us how racist abuse emboldened by Brexit – and one of Shakespeare’s romantic tragedies – inspired her.

News, arts and entertainment, columnists James Meadway and Saskia Murphy, Sophie L Morgan’s letter to her younger self.