Issue 1427

  • Issue 1427

Tidal change
Yan Wilkinson, frontman of the band now just known as Sea Power, tells Richard Smirke about dropping the “British”, why his dad was the group’s best salesperson – and how they make decisions when they all disagree and live in opposing parts of the country.

Refuge in the dales
Refugees from war-ravished Ukraine are finally finding sanctuary in UK homes. Despite hold-ups in the system. Roger Ratcliffe tells the story of one such family now living in the Yorkshire Dales.

Friendly Play
Rival football fans hate each other and glory in their opponents’ tribulations. Wrong, finds Jack Walton, in the case of Rochdale, Bury and Oldham, as supporters find mutual cause in battling unsuitable owners.

Fans see red over Leadmill
Are the managers of the famous Sheffield venue in danger of being kicked out by the new owners?

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