Issue 1448

  • Issue 1448

Breaking waves
The pioneers of women’s surfing in the 1980s had to endure the awful sexism of the sport if they were to catch a wave. Susan Griffin speaks to the trailblazers of the time – and to female surfers in the North who are now showing how far the sport’s moved on.

Inquiring minds
Lessons may have been learned about the impact of lockdowns on children, but is enough being done to minimise their lasting impacts? Susan Griffin speaks to the author of a new book who argues not.

Notes on the North
Michael Barrington left the North in the 1960s for a life in Africa and the Americas. The region the writer found when he returned this summer is one of proud heritage and reassuring permanence – as well as some decline and decay.

News, arts and entertainment, Sharon Horgan’s letter to her younger self, and columnist Saskia Murphy on Finnish PM Sanna Marin’s right to party.