Issue 1475

  • Issue 1475

Snot what it seems
When Dick and Dom opened the doors of da Bungalow every Saturday morning in the mid-noughties viewers entered an anarchic house filled with gunge, bogies and controversial jokes that got MPs debating. Today no broadcaster will touch them, so they’re taking the show on the road. By Gary Ryan.

Summit gains
The first time John Cuthbertson saw his disabled wife Liz at the summit of Malvern Hills was a special moment. Last year Sarah Curran walked the 79-mile Cumbrian Way after fearing she’d never hike again. These special moments were made possible by disability campaign efforts to make the countryside accessible but Susan Griffin finds there’s still a steep climb ahead.

Work-life balance
Poetry may not be the most financially rewarding career, but for Selina Nwulu her day job doesn’t just provide financial support – it’s a source of constant inspiration too. By Martin Guttridge-Hewitt.

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