Issue 1391

  • Issue 1391

In graphic detail⁠
Bradford is the capital of the country, a sinister government scouting group whips up the aggression of aimless young men and Eve heads into the Yorkshire wilderness. Una tells Antonia Charlesworth about the time-consuming process of creating a graphic novel from her shed, her pride in getting a major publisher and how she’s overcome child sexual abuse and domestic violence to get to a position of happiness.⁠

Ball culture realness⁠
He didn’t quite get to writing his King Lear but Gary Ryan did learn some impressive skills during lockdown, including juggling, voguing and speaking Game of Thrones tongues.⁠

Liverpool leaders hit back at the loss of world heritage status, columnist Roger Ratcliffe on the destruction wrought by grouse shooting, arts and entertainment, crossword, Sudoku and more.⁠