Issue 1374

  • Issue 1374

Luck be a Liverpool lass
Katherine Rose Morley has luck in common with her character in BBC drama The Syndicate. But while a lottery win is in the sights of the fictional character, the actor is just grateful to be able to do her job. Saskia Murphy writes.

Kitchen table conflict
As he contemplates his future as Sheffield’s mayor, ex-military man and Barnsley Central MP Dan Jarvis says he is battling both the pandemic and the levelling-down policies of government. By Katy Shaw.

Open source secrets
How did a start-up website run from Leicester beat media giants to revelations about the downing of a Malaysian airline, the Skripal poisonings and Syrian atrocities? Bellingcat founder Eliot Higgins reveals something of his methods to Cathy Otten – in between home-schooling duties..

Modernity’s meals
The story of Pan-Am’s luxury catering and its hostesses – and their role in exerting US soft power. By Katie Collier.

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