Issue 1457

  • Issue 1457

Aversion therapy⁠
Just a few years ago, comedian James Acaster looked ready to leave stand-up behind forever but now he’s back. Simon Bland asks, was it him that changed or us?⁠

The rear view ⁠
A majestic horse rearing on to its hind legs and its graceful rider is just one image among many in a new photo exhibition in Otley that reveals the culture and daily life of Palestinians that endure during their oppression.⁠

More than just a buzz⁠
Although beekeeping grew in popularity during lockdowns, looking after hives is a difficult undertaking and many people go wrong. Susan Griffin asks the experts for tips on keeping them sweet.⁠

Plus economist James Meadway on the futility of the Bank of England’s rate rise, news of human rights protests in Egypt as Cop-27 gets underway, a new exhibition at Liverpool’s Walker Art Gallery documents the link between football and fashion, novelist William Boyd is interviewed and TV’s Lorraine Kelly writes a letter to her younger self.⁠