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Issue 1320

  • Issue 1320

The sky’s no limit
The aviation industry is responsible for a large proportion of carbon emissions, despite its claims to be getting greener. But although that means we should be flying a lot less, it doesn’t necessarily mean the end of our beloved holidays in the sun, says Sebastian Oake.

Together but apart
Far from being an outmoded sign of prudishness, twin beds were once seen as just the thing for forward-thinking couples, writes Hilary Hinds.

Against the rage machine
Comedian David Baddiel has been on the social media frontline for so long he’s created a whole new show from his experiences with trolls. But, asks Gary Ryan, is he entirely without reproach himself?

News, arts and entertainment, John Shuttleworth – played by Graham Fellowes – writes a letter to his younger self, columnist Roger Ratcliffe wants us to go wild in the country, crossword, Sudoku and more.