Issue 1414

  • Issue 1414

Peter Dinklage’s letter to his younger self
“Take greater risks, don’t hide,” the Game of Thrones and Cyrano actor tells his teenage version. “But definitely take greater risks both in your career and in love.”

The silent financiers
As the emissions of the richest nations drive storms and floods across the world, it’s the world’s poorest people who are paying to rebuild, reports Mosabber Hossain.

‘For the first time I could talk about what had happened’
When Sasha’s ex-partner broke a formal agreement to stop stalking and harassing her and even travelled 900 miles to keep up his threats, she sought safety in a women’s refuge. Now living in another city free from the threat and able to live a fulfilling life, she describes the value of her eight months in the refuge. Interview: Mark Metcalf.

Beyond the inner limits
From the North Wales coast to standing in line in Blockbuster with David Beckham, psychotherapist Nick Blackburn reflects on the people and places that shaped him.

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