Issue 1437

  • Issue 1437

Bread and roses
What do Putin, Wigan and gardening have in common? With flowers planted in 1936 as her starting point, Rebecca Solnit tells us in her latest book, Orwell’s Roses. The writer, activist and historian talks to Antonia Charlesworth about everything from women’s rights to climate change and gentrification, and draws a map of their connections.

‘It just happened. No one was prepared for it’
They bicker affectionately, harbour quiet concerns about each other’s welfare and take pride in where they live – street paper vendors fall in love like anyone else, as Malin Clausson reveals.

Marsh of time
Hunting in France is a distinctly more egalitarian activity than it is in this country. But as anti-hunt feeling grows and hunters feel their rural way of life is being threatened by urban interlopers, it is becoming an increasingly political activity too. Words and photos: Jacob Russell.

News, arts and entertainment, Steve Lamacq’s letter to his younger self, columnist Roger Ratcliffe on Boris Johnson looking for a punch-up – and more.