Issue 1373

  • Issue 1373

How to help your vendor
The freezing weather means their plight during lockdown – while they cannot sell on the streets – is even more desperate, reports Brontë Schiltz.

Little glimpse of paradise
It’s no critics’ favourite but Death in Paradise is just the feelgood tonic we need for these cold times, its latest star, Ralf Little, tells Susan Griffin.

Terms of no endearment
Students understand the need for lockdown restrictions, but paying rent for places they can’t stay in and being denied face-to-face education means some are getting angry, reports Saskia Murphy.

Wives and punishment
The three women who were Dostoevsky’s great loves had to contend with his illness, his unrealistic expectations and his gambling. Alex Christofi explains why the life of the great Russian writer can’t be told without theirs.

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