Issue 1432

  • Issue 1432

In it for the Frills
Eight years after their first release, Blossoms’ fourth album has topped the charts with its more contemplative sound. Tom Ogden and Joe Donovan from the Stockport band talk post gig to Richard Smirke about their desire for longevity, their mates first, band second ethos – and Rick Astley.

Unknotting the murders
A bootlace could be the key to finding out who really committed the notorious Chillenden murders. But only if it’s tested by the right people, hears Mark Metcalf.

Space was the place
With a film that explores identity, the exploitation of mineral resources and space travel, Leo Nelki has been selected for this year’s Short Waves festival. The young Wirral film maker tells Alexandra Crombie about Afrofuturism and the challenges of working in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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