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Issue 1138: June 27 - July 3

  • Issue 1138: June 27 - July 3

They are only in their teens but Japanese band BABYMETAL have been shaking up the macho world of metal with their self-described “fusion of cool metal sounds with cute influences”. We caught up with the engaging trio at the recent Download Festival.

The regular demonstrations against the closure of Chorley Hospital’s A&E department have an almost carnival feel. But with plans to close the once bustling town’s council buildings and Post Office as well, the situation in Chorley is serious. We talk to residents and ask if the hollowing out of Chorley will force people to leave.

With the centenary of the Battle of Somme this week, young people from Leeds tell us why they have curated their own history exhibition about one of the bloodiest First World War conflicts.

In our arts and entertainment section, you’ll find a preview of perhaps the most comprehensive exhibition ever of painter Stephen Spencer’s work. The show at The Hepworth Wakefield underlines just how complicated, ahead of his time and dramatic the artist was.

On the news pages, find out about the scheme in which prisoners are teaching fellow inmates how to read and how our vendors reacted to last week’s momentous vote to leave the EU.

Jimmy Osmond – the youngest of the Osmonds – writes a revealing letter to his younger self. Never mind singing Long Haired Lover from Liverpool when he was nine – it turns out he was running an advertising agency by the time he was 16.

And if you need some calm after last week’s Brexit tumult, you will of course find our crossword and Sudoku at the back of the mag.