Issue 1330

  • Issue 1330

Help our vendors
Bronte Schiltz explains how hard Coronavirus will hit our vendors and how we are determined to keep supporting them. You can still buy the print magazine in the normal way for the moment, but you can also buy a digital copy of it, or a longer-term print subscription.

Heart and home
They’ve survived eviction, flooding on their new site from Storm Ciara and warning letters from the council. But how will the New Age travellers on a camp in Sheffield face up to their latest challenge - Coronavirus? Christian Lisseman gets a rare glimpse into their lives. Photos and cover: Lee Brown.

An enigma unto herself
Dressing extravagantly, writing about her lesbian affairs in code and learning the classics, Anne Lister was an 18th century trailblazer. Saskia Murphy charts the achievements and heartbreak of the Halifax woman made famous by the TV series Gentleman Jack.

Our Select what’s on page moves indoors, looking at exciting online activities from across the world rather than local events in the north. Columnist Roger Ratcliffe examines supermarkets and isn’t rolling in the aisles, and actor Richard Dreyfuss writes a letter to his younger self.