Issue 1473

  • Issue 1473

Frame by frame
Animator Chris Tootell tells Dan Whitehead how his creative drive took him from Preston to Oscar-nominated Pinocchio and back again.

When art confronts power
Laura Poitras’s powerful documentary about the US opioid crisis is up for an Oscar. In Manchester recently for a screening, the film-maker best known for her Edward Snowden film told Cathy Otten why she’s obsessed with documenting people creating change.

Is it good to chat?
ChatGPT is the latest digital platform to make global headlines – but does it want your job? Chris Moss invited the online bot for a pint of mild and a curry in Grimsby.

Can local community centres bring about their own renaissance, James Meadway on the success of a four-day week trial, columnist Roger Ratcliffe on yet another proposal for ID cards – and more.