Why do you sell the magazine online, isn't it better to buy from someone on the street?

Big Issue North magazine is a weekly publication, sold by people on the street with no other means of making an income - and we hope that you manage to go out, find your local seller and buy a copy.

We only sell magazines online the week after they've been published. However, we often have copies of the magazine left over at the end of the week, which you can now buy online if you missed out, and you'll still be supporting people who sell the magazine to change their lives.

What will you do with the money you make from the shop?

All the money raised from sales in the shop goes back into Big Issue North.

What sort of things does the money go towards?

Money you spend in our shop will help to pay for the magazine's production. It will also allow us to pay our staff who work with our sellers on a daily basis, enabling them to sell the magazine, and offering support through things such as crisis work, action planning and helping them access other services.

The money you raise also goes to pay for practical help such as breakfast clubs, assistance getting identification, or training to help our sellers move on in their lives.

Why are some back issues missing?

Some weeks, the people selling the magazine manage to sell every copy we print, leaving us no back issues to put online.

The best way to make sure you never miss an issue of Big Issue North is to go out and buy one from your local seller!