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Ordinary interests
Ken Loach said recently that superhero movies are boring. Instead, he finds interest in apparently unremarkable people, like Ricky and Abby, crushed by precarious and zero-hours jobs in his new film. The veteran film maker tells Susan Griffin how he’s remained interested for more than 50 years.

Whole Heap
Music, technology, family life and business were all pulling in different directions for Imogen Heap until a milestone event brought them back into line. Now, she tells Antonia Charlesworth, she’s determined to explore new musical directions even though Brexit has forced the cancellation of some European dates.

Spectrum of light
Winning a prestigious art prize was the first time Charlotte Amelia Poe felt that people respected what they had to say. Now they're using that platform to challenge stereotypes about people, like them, diagnosed with autism. By Saskia Murphy.

News of the contested demolition of Rochdale’s famous Seven Sisters high-rise flats, Stewart Lee’s letter to his younger self, columnist Saskia Murphy on the cost of TV subscriptions, arts, entertainment and more.


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