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In Bed with Melon Bread (limited edition signed copy)

  • In Bed with Melon Bread (limited edition signed copy)

"When we were standing in the convenience store looking intently at bread, you asked me what I was thinking, and I said, 'Melon bread has a better bedside manner than any man I've been with.'"

Food has the power to nourish and nauseate. A woman eats flowers to cope with death, and another drinks soil to cope with life. For some it means freedom, for others, loneliness. Ghosts lurk in souls and soups. In the tastes, smells and tactile experiences of modern life, characters roam gardens, kitchens, supermarkets and restaurants in search of themselves.

In Bed with Melon Bread is a collection of short fiction about what it means to eat alone.

Leonie Rowland is a writer living in Manchester. She has previously worked in Hong Kong and studied in Japan, where some of these stories were written. Her fiction, essays and poetry have been published widely, and she has an MA in Gothic literature from the Manchester Centre for Gothic Studies at Manchester Metropolitan University. In Bed with Melon Bread is her first collection.