• Image of Issue 1291: June 17-23

Divine Comedy
For all their animating, voice acting, writing and producing talents, sneaking the subversive into the mainstream is perhaps Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s biggest skill. They’ve taken aim at everything from Amazon to Muhammed on South Park and now they’re mocking mainstream religion on stages worldwide. Louis Wise asks them how they get away with it

Paving the way
Although its location and buildings can attract the biggest Hollywood film makers, Liverpool’s local indie production companies can struggle to get their projects off the ground. But a new fund is aiming to help them turn their cameras on their home city, finds Gerry Corner

Human again
Kraftwerk’s former drummer Wolfgang Flür was forced out of the band by a drum machine he helped build. On the eve of a return visit to Hebden Bridge Arts Festival, he tells Richard Smirke he’s fed up talking about the past but there’ll still be one or two of the greatest hits among his new music

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