• Image of Issue 1281: April 8-14

All the rage.
Jessica Hynes has turned to directing for the first time with a film about boxing and female rage. And the characters she plays have become darker than the much loved Siobhan Sharpe. But, she insists to Christian Lisseman, there is still warmth in The Fight.

Stand up for democracy.
Thirty years ago, people across Central and Eastern Europe took to the streets against communism. Now the target is post-communism as a wave of unrest sweeps across the area and unusual elections take place. Jamie Kenny reports.

Get with the project.
The Politics Project recently brought Greater Manchester mayor Andy Burnham in for a grilling by the toughest interviewers – schoolchildren.

Right on cue.
Whether it’s football, yoga or healthy walks, a Lancashire project is using physical activity to help homeless people turn their lives around. Catherine Smyth finds out more.

News, arts and entertainment, columnist Saskia Murphy on Brexit, Kiefer Sutherland’s letter to his younger self, crossword, Sudoku and more.


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