• Image of Issue 1278: March 18-24

Striking old poses.
Following his extravagant tributes to Judy Garland and grand operas, Rufus Wainwright is keen to remind his fans about his songwriting day job. He tells Richard Blackledge why touring his 20-year-old debut album is the ideal solution.

Engine braking.
It’s not just our GPs and MPs who benefited from private education – it’s our pop stars, writers and athletes too. Kevin Gopal speaks to historian David Kynaston, who’s taking apart the engines of privilege.

Social services.
With good-quality affordable beer, comfortable surroundings and a friendly welcome, social clubs in Accrington and Warrington are up for a national CAMRA - the Campaign for Real Ale, the consumer's champion award. Mark Metcalf has a pint in each.

News, arts and entertainment, Gyles Brandreth’s letter to his younger self, columnist Roger Ratcliffe fesses up about knife crime, crossword, Sudoku and more


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