• Image of Issue 1159: November 21-27

By popular demand, we have a cat on the cover this week – and no ordinary cat at that. Bob is the street cat adopted by James Bowen, a former Big Issue vendor who had hit rock bottom. They saved each other and became a global phenomenon via YouTube, then books and now a movie. The cat was resplendent on the red carpet so we took some time to speak to his owner.

The care industry is in crisis, with local authority budget cuts, carers being paid less than the minimum wage and visits to those in need crammed into ever shorter times. And yet there are still carers committed to their jobs and elderly and sick people very grateful that they are. We speak to all concerned to find out how to create a sustainable future for the sort of public service that defines a civilised society.

It’s been 18 years between the last Tribe Called Quest album and the new one – and 38 years between Shirley Collins LPs. Both feature in our music reviews, and elsewhere in the arts and entertainment section you’ll find reviews of new games, including the latest Pokemon release, TV and independent cinema. There’s plenty to do on our Select what’s on page as well.

Hazel Grove MP William Wragg asks why we don’t do more to ensure that white working class boys don’t fall behind in education. He has a rare perspective for a politician, being a former primary school teacher himself.

House and techno DJ Carl Cox writes a letter to his younger self as he ends a 15-year residence in Ibiza.

And there’s our crossword, Sudoku and much more.


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